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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Acer Philippines partners with Samsonite to encourage Millennials to #CarryOn for its Back-to-School Promo

Acer Philippines, a leading tech and innovations company, has collaborated with American luggage and travel bag manufacturer Samsonite for its back-to-school promo. The launch event was held last May at the Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall.  

This year, Acer Philippines’ back-to-school promo is especially made for millennials. Seeing the world’s biggest generation’s constant thirst for adventure and new experiences, the tech giant uses travelling as a motivation to inspire the youth to do well, whether in school or in their professions. Aptly called “#CarryOn”, the Promo encourages the youth to power through the hurdles they encounter in pursuit of their dreams and goals. 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Slow internet - when you can't work and you can't play

Everyone hates slow internet connection - it's a pain to watch video-on-demand services, listen to music, download files from Dropbox, and chat on Messenger, Hangouts, and Skype. Add to that multiplayer and eSport games (on PC, mobile, and console) that require stable connection to be playable, and websites that take forever to load. SMEs, corporations, and those in the enterprise sector hate this even more: unreliable and slow internet connectivity leads to missed opportunities, takes a toll on revenue, and pulls down productivity. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Pictures On The Go With Fotogo Photo Printer

With the hundreds (or thousands) of pictures in our phones, we forget that best memories are cherished with a physical copy of them. Since printing photos would not be a practical way since it would be a hassle to find a store or device that can do that. Also printing them would be quite expensive.
Auratech will be introducing to the Philippine market Fotogo, a compact photo printer that can also work as a portable photo booth to make your photos fancier and more fun. Fotogo looks like a large bar of soap at first glance but every inch has its function to bring out quality prints, up to 10 prints per cartridge, perfect for getaways where printers are not available.

The New PLDT Telpad with MA7R Tablet Rolls Out This 2018

PLDT Home via Auratech launched their newest Telpad for this year which comes in two types: The Phone dock with tablet (MA7R). This look has the traditional set up of a regular phone with a tablet docked to it. Unlike the previous Telpad, it aims to be a real home tablet quite different that we use for work and outside.

They made some upgrades with the tablet that will be very useful for everyday use at home. Bundled with the telephone offerings, this telpad gives the power of a smartphone to your usual landline. Also the applications and features of it would make it more domesticated and family friendly than the usual tables taken outdoors.

Make Organizing Easy With The Smart Page

Honestly even with the smallest laptops it is still a heavy piece of device that we use for our computing needs, I guess it is time for us to embrace a new style of organization, home management and other functions. PLDT and Auratech along with their Telpad launches the Smart Page, a whole new experience in tablet technology.

Imagine the power of the Telpad, to manage you home via Smart Home Controller which uses Infrared (IR) integrated to the tablet to control home appliances. For people on the go, they can bring the tablet anywhere just like a regular planner.

With its compact size and binder-like design, it fits perfectly with most binder types. Instead of the usual paper, it utilizes the digital apps for entries making it a Smart Planner. Set meetings, schedules, edit photos and more.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

SONY BRAVIA launches 2018 OLED and LED 4K HDR TV Series

The new SONY BRAVIA OLED A8F series and SONY BRAVIA LED Televisions deliver a more immersive, engaging, cinematic experience with striking highlights, deeper darks, and vibrant colors.

The mastery on TV innovation brings SONY BRAVIA to yet another breakthrough in designs, feature, and user experience this 2018.  Launching side by side today are the new SONY BRAVIA OLED TV A8F series and SONY BRAVIA LED Televisions, as the latest selections to enjoy 4K HDR picture quality, exceptionally designed for enhanced contrast, color, and clarity.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Can Nanotechnology Reduce Cell Phone Radiation?

A company based out of Manila says yes, and claim they have the study to prove it.

Nanofixit has developed a shield, based on Nanotechnology, which will reduce cell phone radiation by more than 90%. The reduction rates were discovered in a certified SAR Lab at the Holon Institute of Technology in Israel. The study clearly showed a decrease in the dangerous rays being emitted from the screen, where Nanofixit had been applied.