Friday, August 18, 2017

More Filipinos are switching to Online Shopping - Shopee paves the way for mobile commerce

A recent Google and Temasek study predicts Filipino online shoppers to grow to 42 million by 2025, spending $19 billion (₱918 billion) and a big contributor to this growth is the rise of smartphone users. Today, 61% of Filipino adults own a smartphone and use their devices to communicate, work, and shop wherever they are, creating more productive days, foregoing Manila traffic, and skipping crowded malls altogether. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

OPPO F3 Red Limited Edition Is Here!

After the black edition, OPPO just launched the newest color of the OPPO F3 which comes in Fierce Red. This limited edition phone looks sensually sleek and a true eye-catcher.

It was officially launched in the Philippines last August 12 along with the opening their new concept store in SM Aura Premier. It now also goes on sale at other OPPO stores and exclusively online via Lazada.

It is made available in the market for P15990 which is the same for the variants of the OPPO F3. It comes with the same features like the earlier models but the new color did made a lot of impact especially for those who wants to make a statement with their phones.

Online purchasers may check out via Lazada for more details. For more details about the OPPO F3, please visit or log on to

Monday, August 7, 2017

NASA Replied To This 4th Grader "Guardian of the Galaxy"

At NASA, they take things seriously as their projects are worth million of dollars and involves the best minds in the planet. And they get a lot of mails everyday with applications and inquiries, and sometimes they also get the most interesting letters which would come from youngsters.

Recently, they got a letter from the 4th grader Jack Davis who claims to be the "Guardian of the Galaxy". Other Companies or even Santa Claus would rarely write back just to attend to a request of a child.  But they actually made an official letter replying to Jack Davis looking forward for him visit NASA soon. 

This touching letter maybe taken lightly by many but it would mean so much for this kid as well as his passion for outer space which inspired many to be scientists, engineers and astronauts.

Good job NASA! 

Friday, August 4, 2017

4 reasons the ASUS Zenfone is for the explorer in you

Since the release of its first model in the country, the ASUS Zenfones have captured the attention of many Filipinos as a smartphone that goes beyond expectations. From its remarkable front camera to its impressive battery life, the Zenfone is the perfect device for all kinds of adventures. Here are four reasons this little wonder from ASUS is a cut above the rest:

A superior battery life that keeps up with you

Imagine being in the beautiful shores that Bantayan Island, and soaking up all the beauty that it has to offer. You grab your phone to capture this spectacular sight, only to find your battery dying at the last minute. It’s a nightmare, we know. Your bucket list moments shouldn’t be left uncaptured because of poor battery. The Zenfone, with its undeniably impressive battery capacity that can go up to 5,000 mAh (milliamp Hour) mixed with energy-efficient processors, knows this struggle. Now you can keep on shooting your picture-perfect adventures, and even keep up with your day-to-day activities such as surfing the web, playing mobile games, or just checking your social media accounts!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Why Is TV Not Showing Science-Oriented Shows?!

Drama, K-Drama, Variety, and Entertainment- these are the shows that dominate local TV and is watched by majority of the viewing public. I have also been to many of the presscons and launch parties of  TV networks for their upcoming shows but I always find the topic of science and technology missing.

Back in the 90's there was Sineskwela, Beakman's World and many other science-oriented shows which sparked my interest and made me want to be a scientist (inventor) back then. In today's TV, there is probably one or two from the big networks (Matanglawin, Oyayi, and AHA!) but they are only shown once a week compared to the daily shows which are shown just in time for morning kids to catch them.

Though I have nothing against entertainment shows, however it is a wasted opportunity to help the youth in being exposed to the sciences. There were reports and studies on the competitiveness of Filipinos in Science and Technology which the Philippines does not fair well (Check out the worldwide competitive ranking report by the DOST and PH Schools performance to the world stage). What we excel on nowadays are social media engagement, political and social ramblings, and a growing internet population with high demands for mobile connectivity. But Science was probably the option of many as we may look at it as "too intellectual" or "para sa mayaman lang yan". 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

OPPO Announces the F3 Sarah Limited Edition Smartphone

In celebration of Sarah Geronimo’s third year as an endorser of the Top 2 smartphone brand OPPO, the brand officially announces the Sarah Geronimo Limited Edition F3 smartphone composed of a special packaging box and Sarah’s signature at the back of the phone.

Revolutionizing the #SelfieExpert since the beginning, Sarah’s strong influence as a singer and actor is a testament of OPPO’s presence in the Philippines. The OPPO F3 Sarah Geronimo Limited Edition is a gorgeous black OPPO F3 with the actress’ signature at the back. The packaging is also in a premium box with standard charger, headphones, soft cover and pre-installed screen protector.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

“Capture the Night” at 0% interest, even without a credit card!

Get the Samsung J7 Pro at 0% instalments (9 months) through Home Credit

When it comes to smartphone photography, lighting is often a big factor, and can make or break a great shot. A scenery that yields a stunning pic during the day can all too often turn into a so-so image once the sun sets. 

With Samsung’s “Capture the Night” campaign, this problem is now a thing of the past, with an exciting new model that can take great-looking photos even at low lighting conditions. But there’s more: smartphone photographers are in for a double treat, as they can avail of this model at low monthly payments across 9 months with 0% interest—even without a credit card!

Samsung is teaming up with Home Credit, a global Fintech company that helps consumers to purchase smartphones and other goods on installment, to offer the new Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro at 0% interest in Samsung concept stores and partner retailers throughout the country starting July 15. 

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro is the perfect flagship for the “Capture the Night” campaign, which has no less than popular actress Liza Soberano as the endorser. With the Galaxy J7 Pro’s 13-megapixel main shooter and F/1.7 aperture, users can snap vivid, bright-looking photos even in low lighting conditions—letting them capture the night, literally! Selfies at night are likewise a cinch, thanks to a nifty front LED flash. And with a 5.5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen, you can enjoy your gorgeous pictures and videos to the fullest.