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Friday, October 24, 2014

Canon Launches Powershot N2: The New N

Whether you’re in that favorite laid-back get-up or that dolled up ensemble, that outfit of the day [or OOTD] deserves an equally pretty camera, not just to capture it, but also to match it. 

Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc. launches the new in, the Canon PowerShot N2 [The New N]—the perfect camera to suit that stylish lifestyle of yours. The camera comes in three different colors all designed to match your personality and preference. For people looking for a sleeker and elegant feel, the camera is available in black. But for those who are feeling lighter and looking for a more fun touch, the N2 also comes in pink and white.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Canon Presents Camerawindow App And Canon Image Gateway

When the lighting, composition, and everything else just seems to be working perfectly together, then that photo you took is just too good to have to wait any longer to share with all your friends on social media. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – you name the network, and Canon can easily make the whole process of transferring and uploading a whole lot simpler and faster for you. 

Canon presents the CameraWindow App and Canon iMage Gateway, both designed for your photo and video sharing demands. With the array of photos we see on social media, yours doesn’t have to wait a second longer to be part of it.

If you just can’t wait any longer to transfer your photos to your smart device, then CameraWindow is perfect for you. It is an application that lets you transfer loads of photos to your smart device with ease. All you have to do is download the application to your compatible iOS or Android device, and start transferring those memories! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Lee Min Ho Stars In Historical Fantasy Drama "FAITH" exclusive with ABSCBNmobile

Korean superstar Lee Min Ho will portray a warrior from the past with magical powers in the new telenovela “Faith” to be shown exclusively only on ABS-CBNmobile beginning October 20.

“Faith” is the story of Choi Young, a royal bodyguard of a king in the past, and Yoo Eun-soo, a female doctor in modern times. When the queen was seriously injured, Choi Young was sent by the king to go through the magical portal to get “heaven’s doctor,” which happens to be a doctor from the future named Eun-soo.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Which Kakao Friend Are You?

Find out which Kakao Friends character shares your personality!

In addition to KakaoTalk’s unique and diverse features, the fast, fun and free mobile messaging app is best known for its Kakao Friends characters. No matter your personality, you will be able to find your perfect avatar among the seven distinct and colorful characters.

So which Kakao Friend is just right for you? Are you an attention-seeker like Neo? Or more playful and silly like Muzi? Check out the Kakao Friends profiles, then dig deep and bring out the Kakao Friend inside of you!

Dynamic Jay-G

Are you always trying to look your best? Do you keep a part of yourself hidden while secretly hoping others will notice? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you just might be a Jay-G!

Jay-G is a secret agent by day, and a hip-hop star by night. He’s always the coolest guy in the room with his signature tuxedo and dark sunglasses. Not only is Jay-G’s suit crisp, but he always makes it a point to get his hair done fresh. Despite all of his efforts, Jay-G somehow struggles to impress the ladies.

Emo Tube

Are you very quick to show your emotions? Are you one of those people that go from nice to angry in a split second? Are you normally a quiet person that explodes when faced with injustice? If you answer yes to all of the above, Tube is most definitely your Kakao Friend counterpart.

A warm-hearted softie with an angry alter ego, Tube is definitely not your average duck. He wears large flippers to hide his small feet and turns into a fanged green duck when he’s mad or scared. Whether white or green, Tube always shows his emotions to the fullest!

Con: the Mad Scientist

Are you clever and imaginative? Do you like to create… living things? Do you treat these creations as if they are your children? If you’re a new age Dr. Frankenstein, then you must be Con. Con, the tiny crocodile, grew a radish and a peach and transformed them into Muzi and Apeach, both of whom he carefully watches over. While living, breathing fruits and vegetables are certainly awesome, may we suggest you can channel your creativity into building things like robots and spaceships?

Adventurous Muzi

Are you ready to do whatever it takes to conquer your fears and experience everything life has to offer? Do you love dressing up in cute costumes? Are you endlessly playful? If yes, then you are most like Muzi.

Most people don’t realize that Muzi is a radish because he loves dressing up in cute bunny costumes! In his costume, Muzi’s confidence is sky-high and there’s nothing he can’t do. Muzi is also always seen with his creator-turned-sidekick, Con. Don’t be surprised if this inseparable duo soon takes over the world. If you’re happy-go-lucky and always with a buddy – you could be Muzi!

Sexy Apeach

Do you consider yourself to be the campus crush or a head-turning hottie? Are you charismatic and popular? Are you often worried that people might discover your flaws? Like it or not, you are quite possibly an Apeach!

Apeach is the result of Con’s experiment to genetically modify a peach. Everyone loves Apeach’s hot looks, but they’re not big fans of his hot temper. If you’re like Apeach, we suggest you to match your outside with your inside. After all, real beauty comes from within, right?

Easy-Going Frodo

Do you never worry about money? Do you make sure you to soak up all the good things life has to offer? With your cool and laid-back attitude, there’s definitely a Frodo inside of you.

Frodo is a city dog from a wealthy family who always maintains a relaxed demeanor. Every morning, he takes time to savor a cup of the finest coffee. If you have time and money to spare, then you might identify with Frodo.

Self-Absorbed Neo

Does the world revolve around you? Do you put your needs before others?

Do you make exceptions ONLY for your special someone? If you’re nodding right now, then you must be a Neo.

Neo is a selfish, vain cat who prides herself on the perfect bob of her wig. She only compromises for Frodo, the one and only love of her life. Neo and Frodo’s relationship is pure drama, as they’re constantly fighting like cats and dogs! Still, they’re never apart, and they always find ways to settle things between them. Neo rides with Frodo no matter what.

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