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Friday, July 18, 2014

Lighting innovation concepts from Philips are set to revolutionize the landscape of lighting

“Imagine a future where you can just let your kitchen lights flash colors in time to a dance tune, or where your lighting can notify you of whether or not it will rain,” said Fabia Tetteroo-Bueno, Country Manager of Philips Philippines. “Imagine if you are away from home but still be able to open the lights there with just a swipe on your cellphone.”

Philips Philippines is opening new possibilities in the future of lighting with its roster of Innovation Concepts that fuse lighting with creativity in ways that were previously considered unimaginable.

Monday, July 14, 2014

PiLE: The Future of Music Search and Compilation Developed by iAcademy students

How do we usually search for music and its details. Most of us will just go on our favorite search engine and will hope to get the necessary links and information amidst all the links, ads and unnecessary data, pictures which makes them quite difficult.

But students of iAcademy have teamed up with the people from the music industry particularly websites that promote music especially OPM and indie music like Pinoytuner, Radio Republic, Amplify, Vandals on the Wall and Ndfy . The project is called PiLE (which can be a term coined from "compile")

Join the Doodle 4 Google Philippines 2014!

If you are quite interested on the colorful, smart, imaginative google doodles that appear on special occasions recognized by google, now there is a chance for you to be submit and be featured in the next google doodle for the Philippines. Open to students of the Phlippines, the competition has the theme "What can I do for the Philippines?". To submit, you have to first download the template. Submission deadline is until September 19. 2014.

WeChat and FHM: Helping men make the most out of mobile

What turns women on? Is it a keen sense of style? A good head on one’s shoulders? 
Perhaps the perfect blend of charm and wit… 

When it comes to preference, most ladies are into the kind of gentlemen who can talk about something new and interesting. And living in the modern times grants men access to breakthroughs that help them look suave and irresistibly dashing. This is where WeChat comes in. With features that bring socializing to the next level, WeChat helps the modern male adapt to the latest trends while giving a platform that makes mobile conversations both easy and fun. 

How technology helps students study better

How are computers and the Internet helping students learn in school? As more and more schools use computers and the Internet in their classrooms, there have been several improvements in how students nowadays are getting their education. These improvements, which have been noted by teachers and school administrators, include the following :

Independence and information gathering. By connecting to the Internet, students learn how to do their own research. The wealth of information available on the Web plus the ease of using search engines give students more independence and confidence, as well as increased skill, when it comes to finding relevant data and putting this data together to meet a learning requirement or goal.