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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Doing Business WIth The New Blackberry Q10

Empower your small or medium enterprise with the latest BlackBerry Q10 smartphone available from Globe Business’ Best Postpaid Deals. For only P1,499 a month at Plan 999 with P500 monthly cashout, get unlimited internet access to browse through the internet and send business e-mails, as well as all-network calls and texts to keep you connected with partners and employees. 

The first BlackBerry 10 smartphone features a classic physical and re-engineered BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard which has a wider layout and larger sculpted keys and stunning touchscreen display for viewing files and making video calls. It also has a longer battery life to keep up with your day-long business activities. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

KakaoTalk Shoots to Number 1 in the PH App Store and Google Play

KakaoTalk, the newest mobile messaging application to reach the country, is now the number one free social networking application in the Philippine iOS App Store and the number one free communications application in Google Play. The mobile application saw a surge of downloads over the past couple of weeks, taking the No. 1 spot in Communications category of Google Play on the 18th, following its matched success in the App Store where it rose to become the No. 1 Social Networking application on August 7th, the same day of its official launch.

The impressive results are backed by Kakao’s aggressive localization efforts, in addition to the messenger’s fun and unique features. On August 7th, Kakao launched a TV and radio ad of KakaoTalk featuring K-pop superstars, Big Bang and Philippines’ pop princess, Sarah Geronimo. These two stars are also featured on KakaoTalk’s Plus Friend channel, a fun interactive advertisement platform where users can add Sarah and BigBang’s official accounts to their Friends’ list to receive latest updates and content including pictures and videos on them. Kakao plans to partner with more celebrities and companies in the Philippines to offer Filipino users content that is locally relevant.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Snow In The Philippines?!

Snow or Dandruff?
Well may will actually give it an automatic NO. Knowing that we are a tropical country and also near the equator which is the closest point for the sun to reach. However, it is actually possible that winter happened in the country years ago, and when I mean years it brings us back to the ice age.

Way back then, the earth temperature was going to extremes with very hot and very cold. Though this happened gradually compared to today's drastic changes. And with the movement of the plate tectonics which would have placed the Philippine archipelago above or below the tropic lines (Cancer and Capricorn) which are the borderlines where winter can be experienced. So in a period of time, more likely before the existence of man, there has been winter in the Philippines.

Now, looking at the changes in weather patterns and behavior, we are again on the verge of going to extreme temperature changes which can drastically affect our ecosystems. There were reports of hail fall in Quezon City which happens very rarely. Which make people curious if the possibilty of snow can actually happen.
When the Rainy season has entered in the past months, it broke the heatwave that many would say is unusually hotter different from the past year. There came a video about snow occurrence in Mindanao.
PAGASA quickly assured the public that the video was a hoax as there was no proof of the claim as well of the source of the video. Hail is actually probable as it is frozen water drops as it falls downward. Unlike snow which has been condensed into a fine snow flake quickly after evaporation to the air. This means the atmosphere in the Philippines can actually be cold given the altitudes, however it is never cold enough to freeze quicker and collectively become snow.

So, yes we can still say that snow won't be happening anytime soon. However if Global Warming continues, it would reach to a peak point that the temperature would retaliate into another ice age. But don't worry that is still a long wait.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Gadget X: Arc Mobile Tab 701D REVIEW

As we have featured in Manual to Lyf the emergence of another mobile player in the market, Arc Mobile do have a wide array of selections one can choose from from feature phones, smartphones and even tablets. Now we will take a closer look on one of the most affordable tablets in the market by Arc Mobile, The Tab 701D.

This tab is available in the market now for only P3999 pesos which is already android Jellybean version 4.1.1. The 7" Capacitive Multi-touch screen is actually very bright and I would use the lowest setting yet still gives a great clear display. With a simple black design for a tab, it can fit to generic tablet casing in the market.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

KakaoTalk Is Now Here In the Philippines!

With a growing number of call and messaging apps out in the market, competition is heating up. And today, KakaoTalk, Korea’s no. 1 mobile social app, launches in the Philippines which is endorsed by Philippines’ pop princess Sarah Geronimo and Korea’s phenomenal boy band Big Bang.

Having a localized approach of the app proved to be successful as people can actually relate their experience with local celebrities. And KakaoTalk went with the very influential and talented  popstar Sarah Geronimo.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gadget X: Time of Tablets

The dawn of tablets has begun and there is a significant demand for tablets compared to netbooks or laptops due to its convenience and functionality that can replace the use of bulky laptop. To think that back in the day, we look at them as the best computer ever and nothing can get any better than them. Well it is now a myth and see that things change very quickly. Thus computing and function has gone up another level.

If you can recall that even though that tablets were in existence yet their popularity was not that big but it all changed with the emergence of the iPad. And the era of the smartphone was also starting its dawn with the iPhone and Android phones. It became another option for people to choose and first thought it would be more of a blown up version of their phones. But even with similar features on both platforms, there are actually characteristics that sets them apart. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Arc Mobile Opens Their First Kiosk!

Arc Mobile finally have a kiosk of their own which just opened yesterday at the SM City San Lazaro. This is the first of the many soon to open kiosk and even a concept store on the works. With having a growing line up of models to choose from and also more stores offering the Arc Mobile brand. This would now give the brand more mileage as an independent brand with their products available for the customers to see.

I myself would like to see the kiosk of the brand since it will answer all of the queries I have with the products especially with their android phones and tablets. Future kiosks would be targeting malls especially with be at the Cyberzone of SM Sta Mesa. A future concept store is also coming to Davao.

By the way, they also have an Pay Day opening sale from August 1 to 4 which features P4195 for the Nitro 500D with free flip cover. Free ARCade to the first 30 buyers of the Tab 720M 3G. The Prime 350 for only P1900 pesos with free 4 GB SD Card. And Buy 1 Take 1 on the Arc Basic for P1300.