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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Super Mario Run Now Available On Android!

After it was first announced at the launch of the iPhone 7, I was more excited for the launch of the newest mario gaming app called SUPER MARIO RUN. Basically it is the super mario world in continuous running across the world as he again (and again) saves peach from being kidnapped by Boswer (Koopa). 

It was initially available for iOS users, which made me sad since my iPhone had some problems. Rather, I found a posting on the Play store to sign up for the Super Manio Run sign up for updates. I quickly signed up though I knew it will take some time for its official release.

But just days ago, I was notified that it is now available for Android and immediately installed it on my phone. Indeed it was a game that can be played by one hand as I was currently had a injured arm (up to this writing). I was amazed by the gameplay which is simple yet challenging with its requirements.

You can also play online and challenge people for for point and "toads". Friendly challenges are also available for fun and connection. The only downside so far is that beyond world 1, you have to purchase the whole game for all its functions. But since it is really fun to play, I might consider buying the game since it is a one-time purchase. 

If you love mario and into multi tasking, you would really love the game. Nintendo also launched Nintendo Switch just a month ago, and also had plans for a new Mario game that will come at the end of the year, so this means Super Mario Run would still be the latest release that fans can enjoy anywhere.

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