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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Mabuhay Pokemon Go!

Yes after that long wait since the global release, Pokemon Go is finally here in the Philippines which was activated on August 6, 2016. And the servers went crazy with all of the people downloading the game on the Play Store and App Store unto their phones and went on their Pokemon journey to be the very best like no one was ever was.

Just less than a day, despite the traffic and stressful Saturday, people went out and explored the "vast outdoors" (even within the city) in search of Pokemon of the 1st generation. Since it is handheld and would require location, players are always advised about the surroundings which should always be the priority. Even the MMDA issued their own statement in safety with Pokemon Go.

And it does not end there, days before the launch several companies are also using this opportunity to get hooked with customers. Such as buying pokecoins using your Paymaya card. Globe and Smart offers free 7 days of Pokemon Go using the Switch App (Globe).  Grab has also announced a special code for their patrons. SM also joined in the craze with a prize for people catching them on SM Superrmalls.

Gyms are blossoming all over the city with all three teams (Valor, Instinct and Mystic), and pokestops as well are sprouting with many leveled up many times even just less than a day. Many netizens have posted their own catch and places that made an effort to go to for the sake of these pocket monsters. I even had encounters with fellow commuters playing the game, and even catching pokemon while on board a jeep. 

Again take note that this only day one of the official release here in the Philippines. With a lot of Pokefans out there, the game is indeed worth the wait.

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