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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Pokemon Go Is Here! But Don't Celebrate Yet!

We were welcomed with such great news that Pokemon Go is now available on mobile. The roll-out has been long awaited by fans (like me) which grew up with the Pokemon battle/capture games which paved the way for the best selling games for Nintendo.

Along with the anticipation for Pokemon Sun and Moon which also be released this year, Pokemon Go which will rely on augmented reality for an experience of being an explorer that will lead to encounters with Pokemon that will appear in certain areas. And like a Pokemon trainer, you will have to catch, battle, trade and actually walk and explore the vicinity (and beyond) just to catch'em.

However the release is not as worldwide as it is expected to be. It was primarily to Australia and New Zealand, which  comes as a disappointment to many. But this did not stop PokeFans from installing them on their Android and iOS devices, which some downloaded the APK versions while iOS would need to create a new ID under an Australia of New Zeland account.

While others are in joy with the initial gameplay of getting their starter, and walking to places to see Pokemons in the area, it was a big bummer when the once abundant pokemons in the city suddenly disappeared. This meant that the people from developer Niantic Labs and Nintendo deactivated the gameplay for the region, since it was not yet released officially.

Non-simultaneous release is still a practice for many games despite various ways to have it available on the internet but of course it is still the discretion of the game developer when and where can they be available. For now it is another waiting game for us.
Now the question and the cry of PokeFans is when will they make it official since there was the surge of players?

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