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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Happy 15th WIkipedia!

I have to admit that wikipedia has been a big part of my internet life and is still a great way to expand knowledge (also discern sources and facts according to real and supported links). As a kid, I always wanted to have a complete set of encyclopedia which I would read a lot and stumble on many pages and information.

Since that would cost a lot of money, I almost lost hope of having a library of information that I will share to my future children. But when the age of the internet came and brought a exponentially insane source of information, it was overwhelming. 

I was happy when I discovered Wikipedia, which is a online version of the encyclopedia, and with an updated citations and edits, it would be a faster option to get real time information about things, events and people that gave me an edge with stories, news, and general information that I love growing up with.

Now as it celebrates 15 years (started January 15, 2001) of providing open-source information without ads, and hard sell promotions. I would also like to thank the generous sponsors who kept the website running and hopefully be a sponsor soon. Knowledge is indeed a tool that all of us should have, this is one of the websites that have shaped the world wide web (ugh... old term). And hopefully many of us, would learn something new everyday with Wikipedia.

Join in the celebration with #Wikipedia15

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