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Thursday, November 5, 2015

NanoFixIt Inc. has launched a liquid screen protector available in the Philippines

Future screen protectors will be liquid thanks to new advances in nanotechnology. The nano liquids operate on a scale 100,000 times smaller than a human hair and create invisible, yet ultra hard surfaces that cannot even be scratched by a razor knife.

One of the leading technology companies working with this new kind of screen protector is NanoFixIt Inc., a company based in the Philippines that has developed their first flagship product called NanoFixIt Titanium. And the specifications of this product are quite impressive. Not only does it make the glass screen of your smartphone or tablet ultra scratch resistant. It also promises to improve the colors and clarity of your screen boosting that sought after HD effect.

And if you apply the liquid to your camera lens it will smoothen the surface, which enables more light to penetrate allowing for more sharp and crisp pictures. So why haven't we heard of this product before and where can we get our hands in one of these?

According to NanoFixIt these specialized nano scale products have been used mainly in the industry but are now starting to become everyday consumer items. And since the company is based in the Philippines their NanoFixIt Titanium screen protector is already available at Silicon Valley stores and can also be ordered by contacting the company directly through their website below. It retails for 1,500 pesos, which is actually very affordable considering the fact that it can be used on not just one

device, but several different devices such as phones, tablets, cameras etc. One product is enough to coat up to 10 phones claims the company.

You can find out more about the company at and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Search for nanofixitinc

These are some of the benefits with the NanoFixIt Titanium Liquid Screen Protector:

* Fits any device with a glass screen (1 product can coat up to 10 phones)

* Ultra Scratch Resistant (9H)

* Works with '3D Touch' screens

* Enhances the colors of your screen (HD effect)

* Enhances the pictures taken by your camera

* Reduces radiation from your screen

* Antibacterial

* Water repellent

* Antistatic

* Anti UV- Ray

* Saves battery life (your device will turn down the brightness as it is now much brighter)

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  1. Nanofixit is liquid screen protector with lots of advantages in it. Nanofixit is water repellent if you apply it on your device and if water falls on screen then water will not stop on the screen.It is very easy to apply.