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Monday, October 5, 2015

KakaoTalk Launched Open Chat Bringing More Fun To the Messaging App!

Kakao Talk will be launching Open Chat this October. This new chat feature will allow user to form a group chat via a link that can be shared. It has been a while since they have launched anything new with their service which has grown with the partnership with ABS-CBNmobile.

The new feature of the app which will be available with the latest update of KakaoTalk app, will give more room for  users to talk about topics, discuss interests, and even form groups that will eventually grow friendships. This feature can also be used for business purposes given the limitations it can be imposed if ever there are any inappropriate content that can be a basis to be kicked out of the chat.

Since KakaoTalk has been known to be a friendly messaging app, now with Open Chat, it can now accommodate up to 500 members. A link will be generated that can be shared via social media and will direct them into the chat. For those who does not have the app yet, they will be prompted to a download page wherein they would need to have KakaoTalk first on their platform. One on one chat can also be done with 50 separate people.

The purpose of the Open Chat is to provide a large avenue for discussion without adding people that can see your personal details. One can start with the group chat, then can go 1:1 chat and if you think they are good for you, they can now be added as a official contact.

Kakao Talk’s Open Chat feature will be available to Filipino users starting October 11th, on both iOS and Android. Users can also enjoy Kakao Talk’s other features like Secret Group Chat and Star Chat. For more information, please visit

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