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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Happy 17th Google!

This search engine has been a monumental part of the internet that has been part of our lives for those who  rely on the internet to get information, news, images, videos, and even more. Now it celebrates it's 17th birthday with another google doodle.

Although this has been the tradition of Google for its birthday, there was a time that it used to celebrate it on September 26, not 27. Since it is "born" in the web it does go beyond time zones and technically spawned between those dates. There were also instances that the it was celebrated on September 7 and 8, but in 2013 Google finally decided to stick with September 27 as its official birthday.

There is also a throwback of this history of google on its google doodle blog, its programmers and engineers who first worked there and who different the company way back then. Nevertheless no one can deny that Google is indeed a part of our lives and will be a part of the future generations.  I am writing this blog using my Google Chromebook, and there are a lot of google products and services that went beyond imagination, and it all started with a search engine. So what was your earliest google memory?

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