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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Clear Picture of Pluto Is Just Glorious!

After almost a decade of traveling in the edge of the solar system, New Horizon has finally reached the closest point it can go to to get a clearer shot of the dwarf planet (or for some still a planet). Now making history today for giving the most close-up shot of Pluto. In science books, it has not been defined with a actual shot due to its distance, it would shown in actual pictures as a big white dot and that's it. 

The New Horizon traveled three billion miles just to achieve this monumental event for astronomy. This NASA achievement is celebrated all round the world even a earned a international Google doodle. People can also join in the global dialogue with the hashtag #PlutoFlyby.

Pluto was discovered by Clyde W. Tombaugh back in 18 February 1930. However it was downgraded from its planetary status into categories such as Dwarf planet, Trans-Neptunian object, Plutoid, Kuiper belt object, and Plutino. Debate on its status is still in discussion but the IAU Definition of Planets has 3 conditions to classify it as an official planet but it failed on the 3rd conditon.

Pluto maybe the odd one out among the solar system, we just love the this heavenly body and deserves a best picture we can get our hands on. And we are not disappointed, Pluto maybe grayish unlike the azure Neptune and the light blue Uranus, but it is still romantic like the moon. It makes more sense that we should be funding more for these explorations rather than going into wars. With the Mars project still in the planning stages, it is probably time that we look over the horizon and check out the beauty space have for us. Now I revive my ambition to be an astronaut.
Pluto poses with a "heart"

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