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Monday, January 5, 2015

GADGET X:Cherry Mobile Ace Powered by Firefox REVIEW

After all these years, finally Firefox OS has finally landed in the Philippines. However, the biggest risk it will encounter is how they will be introduced to the Android and iOS loving public. Penetrating the market which has been dominated by these players will be a challenge, but Cherry Mobile made a monumental move to include a firefox phone into their roster in 2014.

They launched Ace powered by Firefox  with an introductory price of P1499. Eventually last December 13-15 they had a promo to drop the price to P999. And with a good reception for the Ace, they have it offered on the discounted price on cherry mobile stores.

The Ace is definitely not the high end phone that you would expect for a pioneer phone. However it aims to introduce to the public the features and use of the Firefox OS and how can it be compared with android and iOS phones. Ace is also the first Firefox phone in the Philippines, and with its price it can also be said to be the most affordable smartphone in the world.

With a TFT Capacitive 3.5" Screen, it runs with a Dual Sim capacity with an expandable memory slot (micro SD up to 32 GB) and has 7 avaiable colors (black, light blue, light green, light red, yellow, white and orange) with a 2MP rear camera only.

Being a smartphone, it can connect to wifi and mobile internet but with EDGE only. It does have other features like Bluetooth, MMS, GPRS and WAP which are all basic features of a smartphone.

It only has a single core processor and runs os Firefox OS, with apps available on its apps store called Marketplace. The battery capacity is 1100mAh but does last longer compared to multi-core phones due to the efficiency and simplicity of app functions.


  • Afforable at P999 only
  • Efficient battery life
  • Firefox OS is easy to use
  • limited apps
  • single core and 2 MP camera limits phone's usability
  • Edge connection only available for mobile data
  • First firefox phone in the Philippines
  • Most affordable smartphone in the world

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