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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Canon Launches Flasgship Projector To Deliver Superior Performance And True-To-Life Color

Canon announces the launch of the XEED WUX6000 – a new powerful flagship projector. It features a new LCOS panel, AISYS 4.1 optical system and a short arc lamp that enables it to produce exceptionally bright and colourful images. Various installation options are also available, making it a highly versatile device.

Outstanding Image Performance and Low Power Consumption

Projecting images with life-like color is easy because of the superior LCOS panel paired with the AISYS 4.1 optical system that the projector has. Even brightly-lit locations are not a threat because of its whopping 6000lm brightness rating, ensuring the highest image quality—whether dark or bright.

Despite the projector’s high levels of luminosity, it offers class-leading “Eco” performance, achieved through its advanced LCOS panel design. This design lets light be accurately reflected through the projection lens. That way, minimal light is wasted through diffraction, and the projector can achieve a power consumption efficiency of about 0.076 W/lm. Based on the upcoming and new eco-design standards, the XEED WUX6000 easily passes the requirements of the new ErP lot 3 (Energy related Product lot 3).

When it comes to “burn-ins”—a phenomenon that results in a bright image being ‘ghosted in’ over dark patterns, the projector features a new LCOS panel. This panel makes the projector capable of withstanding up to a hundred hours of continuous projection.

Constrained spaces are another problem users encounter with projectors. Most opt to position their projectors diagonally, but chances are the images will be distorted or skewed. With the 4-point keystone correction feature, users will be able to adjust the image to compensate for the distortions and to maintain an accurate aspect ratio. But keystone-corrected images are usually affected by moiré, creating grid-like patterns in the image projected. The XEED WUX6000 features a newly developed imaging engine that drastically reduces resolution-loss and moiré, so that keystone-corrected images will still retain their excellent and original quality.

Versatile Deployment with Flexible Installation Options

This versatile projector is capable of displaying images that range from 40 to 600 inches in size (with Standard Zoom lens RS-IL01ST). A built-in motorized lens shift enables users to adjust the positioning of the lens easily via a remote control, which includes a 4-point keystone correction to account for any distortions. When it comes to situations that require a projection, brighter than 6000lm, two or more XEED WUX6000s can be “stacked” to provide increased brightness. Separate projections are then combined and superimposed onto a single screen, providing a cost-effective solution as projectors with two-fold brightness usually come at a significantly higher

cost. To reduce the brightness in overlapping areas, users can opt the Edge Blending function, so two projections blend seamlessly without causing too much brightness in the middle of the image.

Projecting from two separate sources simultaneously can be achieved with this projector through its Picture by Picture function. Signals coming from a PC via the DVI input and signals from a Blu-ray player via the HDMI input can result in two separate images being projected side by side on the screen.

Superb Connectivity with Network Multi Projection

Linking up to ten PCs to a maximum of six projectors via a network through the Network Multi Projection (NMPJ) function is something the XEED WUX6000 makes possible, serving as a testament to its versatility. The NMPJ works in three different modes designed to suit your situation: Meeting Mode, Classroom Mode, and Broadcast Mode.

The Meeting Mode can connect ten PCs to six projectors with each user capable of selecting multiple projectors as displays. As for Classroom Mode, the user can connect ten PCs to six projectors, and the access and control of the display network are available only to the master PC, like the class mentor. Finally, Broadcast Mode enables images projected from a single PC up to 12 projectors—perfect for displaying set-ups where multiple projectors have to display the same synchronized image.

Flexible Performance with Interchangeable Lenses

A choice of five distinct Canon lenses can be deployed from the projector, ranging from short fixed lenses to ultra-long zoom lenses. Users can then cover venues from small conference rooms to large auditoriums. Differences in brightness among the lenses are minimal, and the external appearance of the XEED WUX6000 remains largely unaffected, as a result from the change of lenses. All five lenses feature motorized zoom and focus controls for easy adjustments.

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