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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Most Hated Apps Today?

There has been recent changes with two of the usually used apps like Facebook and Foursquare. Both of the apps now require the installation of separate application for the functions which are commonly used.

Facebook now requires mobile users to install The Messenger apps. This sparked outrage from users as the messaging was already part of the older version of the app. Now whenever you send and get messages, it will just prompt a page that the function has migrated to the external app and a link to download page in Google Play.

This also happened with Foursquare when they made Swarm which is now the app needed to perform checking into places which Foursquare was used to be its former purpose. Foursquare has now become more of a information and indicator app which seems unessential and has become a hassle for the users.

Because of the inconvenience to have it downloaded eats up space in mobile devices and how it the function is removed from the original app. These reasons provoked users to rate both apps one star reviews on both android and iOS devices. With a rare chance to stumble on a good review, most comments show frustrations and hatred of the apps. Messenger and Swarm are now the top downloaded apps due to its requirement.

Despite the reaction of users, Facebook and Foursquare has not changed or pulled out the apps and reverted the old versions. For Messenger, the app can be bypassed by accessing Facebook on the mobile browser. Check In using Swarm may be bypassed by using Facebook depending on its integration with Foursquare.

Will both companies have the apps scrapped soon due to the negative reactions it got? 

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