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Monday, July 14, 2014

PiLE: The Future of Music Search and Compilation Developed by iAcademy students

How do we usually search for music and its details. Most of us will just go on our favorite search engine and will hope to get the necessary links and information amidst all the links, ads and unnecessary data, pictures which makes them quite difficult.

But students of iAcademy have teamed up with the people from the music industry particularly websites that promote music especially OPM and indie music like Pinoytuner, Radio Republic, Amplify, Vandals on the Wall and Ndfy . The project is called PiLE (which can be a term coined from "compile")

PiLE will be on beta on August and will eventually launched officially as a revolutionary tool to "compile" music information, photos, reviews from the websites and put them into one "pile" which can be more of a comprehensive search tool. And working with local and indie artists will also help the OPM scene by providing a new avenue for new and aspiring artists.

PiLE can also be used not just for music but also has a potential to be used as an entrepreneurial tool which will help businesses and the flow of information in the cluttered world wide web.

The project is still in development stages and they are closely monitored by mentors of iAcademy and partners. This "school project" brings a whole new idea of gathering and sharing information. The team consists of many parts, some of them are the coding and programming, marketing and the overall managers which works within the academy.  We talked to them to give us a deeper understanding of PiLE and what lies for the future of this project.

Embracing ingenuity in a digital world

Despite its simplicity as a vehicle to empower the local music scene, PiLE is actually a first for the country. 

“Our role is to make sure that Filipino music gets presented to more people who can appreciate the talent and hard work that goes behind creating it. Involving our students in something like this also means they get hands on, practical experience for an initiative that is relevant and important to them,” says Vanessa Tanco, President and CEO of iACADEMY. 

With the support of the country’s top music industry players, artists, music enthusiasts and the altruistic vision of today’s youth with the technical skill to make it happen, the possibilities of how PiLE can change an evolving music scene is endless. The opportunity to constantly develop features to eventually create an ecosystem is present and it will never lose sight of the fact that it exists to celebrate Filipino talent. 

“We are trying to build a really unique but immersive experience for our students. And in doing so, we get to put the spotlight on something that is relevant to everyone involved…something that can truly shape our future and we can take pride in,” Tanco ends.

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