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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

100 Years of Vehicle Horns and Fanfars from Bosch

Bosch Submitted Patent Application for the First Electric Horn in 1914

* Customers past and present impressed by reliable, durable technology and quality

* Their characteristic tone has made Bosch horns a global success

* Wide range of horns and fanfars available for retrofitting

With their distinctive sound, Bosch horns and fanfars ensure vehicles remain safe on roads around the world. Bosch submitted its patent application for the first electric horn 100 years ago in Germany. Right from the very beginning, drivers were impressed by the reliable technology in the legendary Bosch horn. Bosch now offers a wide range of horns and fanfars for motorcycles, cars and commercial vehicles; these products are characterized by their functional reliability, long service life and attractive design.

Robert Bosch GmbH submitted its patent application for the electric horn on April 12, 1914. During development, the company wanted the product to have a long range and a pleasant sound. The horn needed to reliably emit a sound as soon as it was activated, and low power consumption and an attractive design were also important prerequisites. The new Bosch horn, which came onto the market in 1921, met all of these objectives. The horn was based on the principle of "stopped pipes" used in organ pipe building. These pipes are closed at the upper end, so they emit a lower sound than open pipes. In the Bosch horn, this principle resulted in a pleasant and very characteristic tone.

Horns Produce Sound in All Directions — Fanfars Bundle the Sound Together

The original design principle has remained unchanged in each of the successors to the Bosch horn that was patented 100 years ago. The sound is generated by an electrically activated membrane and is emitted in all directions. The product range has been extended to include fanfars. The funnel in a sounder is calibrated to a precise pitch and also uses a membrane to produce an exceptionally pleasant and soft sound that, unlike the sound produced by horns, is emitted in one direction. The unmistakable sound of Bosch horns and fanfars can now be heard on roads around the world.

Wide Range Available for New and Used Cars, as well as Retro and Classic Cars

Bosch horns are available in a wide variety of models and variants for original equipment, individual design and special requirements for commercial vehicles, cars, SUVs and pick-ups.

Suitable products are also available for classic car enthusiasts. Bosch Automotive Tradition, the classic division of Bosch, gave the famous Bosch horn a new and historic redesign in 2006, including slotted screws and chrome-plated horn covers. The original was used in many vehicle brands and models from the 1950s and 1960s.

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