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Thursday, January 2, 2014

XSTIG 2014 To All!

I do have to admit that maintaining a tech blog is both competitive and tidious, however I am very optimistic that this year will be the year of more tech reviews, more science news and more information that many will love to read and discuss. The integration of a Online tech Channel via Okra Soup TV in Youtube will be experimental but will also be fun and innovative that will be built up and made more interesting with partners and (hopefully) sponsors!

XSTIG was made for those who love to talk about technology and other sciences, and this year we will also open our doors for contributors who will continue to make this a tech blog to watch this 2014. Yes, this is a promise as we have shifted to a new blog, a more comprehensive approach and more readers! 

from your most XSTIG blog in the Philippines, Happy New Year!

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