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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Snow In The Philippines?!

Snow or Dandruff?
Well may will actually give it an automatic NO. Knowing that we are a tropical country and also near the equator which is the closest point for the sun to reach. However, it is actually possible that winter happened in the country years ago, and when I mean years it brings us back to the ice age.

Way back then, the earth temperature was going to extremes with very hot and very cold. Though this happened gradually compared to today's drastic changes. And with the movement of the plate tectonics which would have placed the Philippine archipelago above or below the tropic lines (Cancer and Capricorn) which are the borderlines where winter can be experienced. So in a period of time, more likely before the existence of man, there has been winter in the Philippines.

Now, looking at the changes in weather patterns and behavior, we are again on the verge of going to extreme temperature changes which can drastically affect our ecosystems. There were reports of hail fall in Quezon City which happens very rarely. Which make people curious if the possibilty of snow can actually happen.
When the Rainy season has entered in the past months, it broke the heatwave that many would say is unusually hotter different from the past year. There came a video about snow occurrence in Mindanao.
PAGASA quickly assured the public that the video was a hoax as there was no proof of the claim as well of the source of the video. Hail is actually probable as it is frozen water drops as it falls downward. Unlike snow which has been condensed into a fine snow flake quickly after evaporation to the air. This means the atmosphere in the Philippines can actually be cold given the altitudes, however it is never cold enough to freeze quicker and collectively become snow.

So, yes we can still say that snow won't be happening anytime soon. However if Global Warming continues, it would reach to a peak point that the temperature would retaliate into another ice age. But don't worry that is still a long wait.

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