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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gadget X: Time of Tablets

The dawn of tablets has begun and there is a significant demand for tablets compared to netbooks or laptops due to its convenience and functionality that can replace the use of bulky laptop. To think that back in the day, we look at them as the best computer ever and nothing can get any better than them. Well it is now a myth and see that things change very quickly. Thus computing and function has gone up another level.

If you can recall that even though that tablets were in existence yet their popularity was not that big but it all changed with the emergence of the iPad. And the era of the smartphone was also starting its dawn with the iPhone and Android phones. It became another option for people to choose and first thought it would be more of a blown up version of their phones. But even with similar features on both platforms, there are actually characteristics that sets them apart. 

With tablets found very useful for business and presentation, made the tablet a must have for marketing and networking. However, the phone would overtake he tablet with the media features like the camera, video, weight, thickness and other compact features which made the price range much more higher or equal to the tablet.

Tablets now falls under the category between the netbook and the smartphone. But the variation does not stop there as there is another offspring that will bloom from the tablet generation. There is also the shift from the high end tablets like Samsung, Sony, iPad to the affordable yet competitive brands like Cherry Mobile, Arc Mobile, AOC and Starmobile.

First is the tablet-laptop which combines the screen of the tablet and an attachable keyboard which also acts as an extension battery for the unit. Some example of this are the Eee Pad Transformer (with attachable keyboard) and the Samumsung ATIV. And this year, the rise of the "Phablet" -Phone and tablet is now on its introduction phase which marries the function of the smartphone and the convenience of the tablet. Examples of which are the Alcatel Scribe and the the Samsung Mega.

The time of tablets is still happening as of this writing, which is also comes in the peak of the era of smartphones. And we are seeing the shift of more and more people from feature phones to smartphones and more and more are getting a tablet on their own. Plus with competition making the prices very competitive, this gives consumers access to afford them and use them for their everyday lives. 

Depending on the lifestyle, one may love or hate the tablet. But one thing is for sure, its here to stay and continues to evolve faster than we know it.     

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