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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Firefox Phone In The Flesh

In the world of Androids, iOS, and Blackberries, you would think that there wont be another OS brave enough to venture to the waging mobile OS war which is taking the world. Firefox OS is also here and I have seen it in the flesh for the first time. 

Indeed there are just test devices for the Firefox OS device like this one which I tried for the first time via my tech friend who is Firefox evangelist. The Firefox OS is very similar with android but with a more simpler interface which takes up less memory and of course less energy thus extending battery life. The apps works with ease but I have look forward when the memory is maxed out. 

The Firefox phone is a Firefox Developer phone called Keon and comes in a bright orange color. Though it cover is made of plastic, it fits well to the bubbly feature of the smartphone which is very similar to the android OS. This may need apps that will get people to be interested in the Firefox feel. Of course it will come with Firefox as its official browser and said to be launched this year. This may not be out in the market but it is out on a mission to get more people to develop applications and feedback with the OS. What do you think of this cute phone? 

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